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Guillaume Estève, as a self-taught photographer, makes sure not to restrict himself to any trend; his encounters, above all humane, guide him from project to project.
He has been working for three years on water, in its every aspects. He takes a poetic look at the element, to which he has been bound since his childhood.
With or without air, on the surface or in the depths, in salted or chlorinated water, Guillaume sails, swims and dives. He just started working on the ever fluctuating materiality of the surface of the sea. In « Chlore 17 », co-directed with Karine Bergami and out since June 2014 in Pezeras, he dives into the pool world, exploring it photographically and cinematically. At the same time, he pursues the link photography/writing through an unusual exchange between visual and literary craft, where the aquatic and botanical sphere meets the fantasy world of Men. Moreover, he works as a coverage photographer, and enjoys unveiling the little and intense scenes from life, whether unexpected or planned, where the people play the main role.

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