Exhibition in Bourbon Lancy

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Self-portrait, April 2018

At le Labo - Uzès, my work is evolving pretty quickly and I am developing a Fine-Art style of photography. Portraits you want to put in beautiful frames. I will be showing some of this work soon. Here is a self-portrait I have made with this idea of photography. I hope you will like it!

Next summer I will be exposing three of these at the "Eté des portraits" exhibition in Bourbon Lancy. Hundreds of photographers will gather in this small town North-West from Lyon to show up to 10 portraits of their creation. An event not to miss !

Exhibition at "la Verrière" in Uzès

I will be exposing a series of photographies on water this week-end at la Verrière (8 rue du Docteur Blanchard, Uzès).

It is a selection of "Portraits of Water" that I have been working on for several years during sailing cruises on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

All titles are propositions of Eve de Lune, with whom I have been corresponding for other works.

The exhibition is hosted by François Lewandrowski who is also exposing his paintings one last week at la Verrière.

I will be thrilled to welcome you at la Verrière on Friday August 25th at 6:30pm !

Shootings at le Labo - Uzès

If you are visiting Uzès this summer, don't miss the opportunity to make a beautiful photo shooting in a wonderful studio right in the center of Uzès, with a view on the Place aux Herbes !

Family portrait, maternity, new born,... anything is possible at le Labo - Uzès, just contact me here or call me at +33 6 52 81 69 97 to make a reservation !

Don't miss what is happening at le Labo : Go have a look at my French website if you wish to have a look at my latest works in le Labo - Uzès.

If you wish to park during your visit, here is a map :


Happy New Year!


Opening of "le Labo - Uzès" !

Now open !

Since mid-December, a new amazing place opened in the very center of Uzès : le Labo. It is a brand new photo studio where you can realize any of your personal or profesionnal photography work : solo, duo, family portrait, maternity or new born, pack-shot, professional portrait, etc.

The 4Ws


The goal of "le Labo" is to accompany you throughout your life with our photography.


Simply because

1) we love photography more than anything else !

2) we believe that quality photography is declining due to smartphones and we wish to counter this situation by giving you the opportunity to have beautiful photos of your life and of the ones you love.


le Labo is open upon request only because we might be shooting any time ! So give us a call or e-mail us to book a meeting at "le Labo", we'll get in touch with you very quickly in order to evaluate your needs.


17 rue de la République

30700 Uzès

Contact us !

Email: contact@guillaume-esteve.com

Telephone: +33 (0)6 52 81 69 97



Coupe des Plongeurs Libres

Getting ready for static apnea. But where has the water gone ?
Getting ready for static apnea. But where has the water gone ?

Last Sunday, I organized with my friend Antoine Michel and all the SCPL team (freediving club in Nîmes) a huge competition at the Nautical Stadium of Nemausa in Nîmes. 70 athletes from all around France, UK, Ireland and Switzerland came to compete and try to be qualified for the AIDA indoor World Championship in Turku (Finland) in June.

I have organized this competition for 4 years and each time we actually had a National Record in different categories.

This year it is Arthur Guérin-Boëri who swam 211 m without breathing and without fins. Such an amazing performance ! I made pictures of the whole day, you may see them all here. Here is a short video teaser made by Keywee Productions.

For more information, please visit www.scpl-nimes.com (in French)


Back from Vegas

When I got back from Las Vegas last Sunday (see here my blog post in French), I had this beautiful magazine waiting for me on my desk. "La Piscine", number zero, with one of my pictures on page 5. I was so thrilled to discover this brand new issue after so many months of gestation ! It is magnificent. The texture of the paper, the poetry of the photographs and the texts... Jump on it if you find one !


The new Mickaël Féval restaurant

Last night I was invited to the inauguration of the new Mickaël Féval's Restaurant in the old city of Aix-en-Provence. Mickaël is a well known chef who won a Michelin Guide star in 2011 as head of the Pigonnet's restaurant (a 5 star hotel in Aix-en-Provence).

With his wife Olivia, he has had the project to create his own restaurant, in the very center of Aix-en-Provence. This dream has now come to reality and you will be able to book a table starting from tomorrow noon !

I am very honored as one of my photographs, "Petroleum mix", from the series "Reflections on water", is placed on a very central wall in the restaurant. You will also be able to see the pieces of various artists, members of "Espace 361", a collective of artists temporarily exposed at the restaurant.

More information at : http://mickaelfeval.fr/


Stormy wedding

Calm before the storm... © Guillaume Estève
Calm before the storm... © Guillaume Estève

This week-end I was covering a wedding in a beautiful place, Mandelieu, near Cannes (Côte d'Azur). Unfortunately the weather forecast wasn't predicting great conditions and I left home under a huge storm which lasted until after Aix-en-Provence.

But then, things seemed to get better : cloudy sky, a few drops, but that was about it. The newly weds were really beautiful as was the ceremony. We managed to take a few pictures at the Château de la Napoule where the reception took place. Such a wonderful place ! It is really worth visiting, and one can do so during the whole year.

Unfortunately it started raining again during the cocktail and at about 8 pm things got really crazy... Lights went off, water started penetrating through the ceilings and the doors... No one  could tell if the party would take place or not. It lasted for about 2 hours and then it finally calmed down. Fortunately the lights were back and everything went perfectly well in the end.

We were hearing here and there that things were really bad outside and I decided not to go home the very night, it didn't look safe enough. It is only on the next morning (yesterday) that I measured the extent of the damages as I left the hotel. Cars piled up, mud all over the place, roads blocked (even the highway)... On the radio I heard that just in Mandelieu five people had been found dead during the night... More than ten in the department... I guess we all were very lucky at the wedding...


Chlore 17 in Gasny tomorrow

Tomorrow, "Chlore 17", our theatre piece with Karine Bergami, starring Valérie Durin, will be in Gasny (Normandy). The show will start at 8:30 pm. I hope it will have as much success as it had in Auxerre last August 29th where 500 people came to see the show!

Take a look at our two trailers below! The first one is a trailer of the film projected during the show and the other one is a trailer of the show (images from Auxerre).

If you wish to know more about the piece, you can either contact me or the company "arrangement théâtre" which supports our work (visit website here).

Trailer of the film

Trailer of the show


Bloody Moon !

Two days ago in France we had the privilege to witness a Lunar eclipse, and that won’t happen again before 2033 ! It was enough to convince me to wake up in the middle of the night to see the blood Moon and take a picture or two. The whole process lasted for hours : it started around 2:10 am and finished at about 7:30 am. Unfortunately I couldn't stay the whole night up, so I got up around 5 am when the Moon was totally dark and red. I already had prepared my gear so that I wouldn't have to turn all the lights on and look for my stuff when the Moon was changing fast. I had my 5D mark III, my 70-200mm IS USM II, my extender 2x III and my tripod. I also used the Live View mode and a remote control to avoid vibrations as much as possible. Well, here is a little photomontage of three Moons I took during the night. Hope you'll like it!