Bloody Moon !

Two days ago in France we had the privilege to witness a Lunar eclipse, and that won’t happen again before 2033 ! It was enough to convince me to wake up in the middle of the night to see the blood Moon and take a picture or two. The whole process lasted for hours : it started around 2:10 am and finished at about 7:30 am. Unfortunately I couldn't stay the whole night up, so I got up around 5 am when the Moon was totally dark and red. I already had prepared my gear so that I wouldn't have to turn all the lights on and look for my stuff when the Moon was changing fast. I had my 5D mark III, my 70-200mm IS USM II, my extender 2x III and my tripod. I also used the Live View mode and a remote control to avoid vibrations as much as possible. Well, here is a little photomontage of three Moons I took during the night. Hope you'll like it!

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